Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Playing Around

It has been really nice outside recently which is great because that means we all get to spend more time outside. In the evenings after our walk we play in the back yard until it gets dark and its time for dinner. There are a whole lot of games to play in the back yard. Sometimes we play with the flirt pole. Other times I play with my purple ball while Uba works out in his gym and Lulu sits in the sunny spot.
Some days Uba and I play tug,
or we play fetch with tennis balls,
or we run around really fast playing tag.
Whatever we do, I really enjoy our time outside.


  1. oh Winnie you are just the cutest! If I didn't live across the country in Chicago and already have a mischievous little pit girl of my own, I would take you home in a heartbeat.


  2. I love your smile, Win. You should be a toothpaste model.

  3. Winnie, it looks like you have really learned how to make hay while the sun shines.
    How is it possible that your beautiful smile seems to outshine the sun? You are special with a big S, and don't you ever forget it!