Saturday, November 27, 2010

My Friend Angus

When I first came to live in the city, one of the first things I noticed were the little dogs. I was a tad bit confused though, because they don't smell like dogs, they don't move like dogs and they don't act like dogs. This is a picture of me the first time I met my friend Angus.
I thought about it for a while and I decided that maybe they aren't dogs at all. My friends Lulu and Uba told me that I was right, and they are called cats. The cats I live with are Angus the Cat and William the Cat. Angus is my special friend.
He lets me lick his head, and then he rubs against me and makes a weird growling noise that doesn't sound scary at all.
He does do scary things sometimes, like when Uba and I run to the spot where we play and wrestle, he hides behind the door and jumps out at us. My word, he scared me a lot with that! Now I am real careful about going through doors when Angus the Cat might be around.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

City Life

As I mentioned before, I live in the city now. I have been going for walks with the nice foster lady and taking in the sites. This afternoon we went on a really long walk together and saw a whole mess of interesting things.

We saw some busses,
we visited some stores,
we waited to cross the street at the stop lights,
and I practiced walking nicely on leash.
I am really tired now, so I'm going to take a little nap.

take care,

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Hi Y'all

You have already met my friend Robin and the other boy, Chunk, and you have seen me on the BAD RAP blog. Now it is time for me to introduce myself.

I am Winnie. I come from a place far away from California where it is very hot, it rains a lot and dogs live on chains in the woods. One day things got very, very bad for me and my friends. Luckily some very nice people came and took me away from that very horrible place. I got to eat lots of food and they said I was waiting for it to cool down so I could fly away. This sounded pretty weird, since I am not a bird or a mosquito. One day, the people put me in a crate and put the crate into a loud car that went up in the air. After a very long time I arrived in this place called California. The nice man who saved my life was there and I was very happy.

Next thing you know, I was living in the rescue barn with Robin and Chunk and playing in the tunnel with tall furry Elliot. All kinds of people came to visit, including a big red dog called Lulu and a black dog my size called Uba. One day the nice lady at the barn said that it was time for me to graduate. One of the people put a new pink harness on me and she said I was going to the city to be her foster dog. She picked me up and put me in a crate in her car. Once I looked around I saw that my friends Lulu and Uba were there! Wow, graduating will be fun with these two nice dogs to play with.
So far I have watched the window thing with pictures and noise, slept very well in my cozy crate, met some new type of creatures, and kissed Lulu and Uba. Graduating is going well.