Thursday, February 24, 2011

Red Bundle of Fun

It has been raining a whole lot the past week, so we have refused to go for walks or to play in the back yard. There isn't much to do inside once we have wrestled, chewed on the chew toys and practiced our nose work, so we've all been feeling a little bored. Then I found this really crazy red ball hiding in the toy box. I am just thrilled with this toy! I have a great time playing with it and Uba doesn't steal it because he thinks its too noisy.
My foster lady says I am a little red bundle of fun, just like my toy.


Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Foster Auntie

This weekend my foster lady's sister is here visiting. I didn't know I had a foster auntie before, but now I do, I am real happy about it.
I get to snuggle with her on her bed at night and I am a really good girl. I curl up into a real small ball and fall right asleep for the whole night. Then, in the morning, when its time to look out of the front window, she lets me sit on her lap so I can get a better view.
Having another person around to kiss and to get belly rubs from has been really great.
I wonder if my forever family will come with an auntie who'll let me fall asleep next to her, give me belly rubs and be my booster seat. I sure hope so!


Saturday, February 12, 2011

Things I Love

Since people are talking about someone called Valentine and hearts this weekend, I thought it would be fun to tell you about some of the things that make my heart feel happy.

I love rolling around on my back.
I love playing tug with Uba with the indestructible toy we destroyed.
I love going for walks and seeing new things.
I love my morning wrestling matches in the sun with Lulu and Uba
I love my evening naps with Uba on the couch.
I also love my breakfast and my dinner, I love going to pit-ed, I love learning nose work, I love meeting new people and I love lots of other things about my new life as a family dog. Most of all I love the people who worked so hard to take me away from the sad and terrible place and save my life.

Happy valentines day!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Leash Skills

I only learned about leashes and going for walks pretty recently. I knew about collars, because thats how I was attached to my chain, but I didn't know about leash walking at all. After the nice people came and saved my life I found out that chains come in real light versions that people hold on to and take you to interesting places. I really like going for walks on the leash.
The foster lady says I am a very good leash walker. Maybe even the best ever! I never pull at all, and sometimes I am so happy about my walk I jump up and down instead of walking. Even when I do my pogo jumping I am careful not to pull on the leash.
The only time I ever kind of pull is when I really, really want to sniff something. The foster lady has explained to me that its OK to sniff so long as when she tells me to hurry up we start walking again.
Look how interesting my walks are sometimes. I got to have my picture taken with pre-historic puppies today!