Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I LOVE The People!

I have talked a whole lot about my dog friends, so I thought today would be a good time to tell you about one of my special human friends. I really love everyone I have ever met since Mr. Tim saved my life. People are so great! They are willing to go out of their way to save the life of a little dog like me, with funny ears and a slightly disproportionately large butt. Its just incredible and I sometimes get a little worried because I don't know how I will ever be able to thank all these wonderful people for my life.
One of my favorite human friends is Donyale. I first met her when I had just arrived in California and was living at the rescue barn with Chunk and Robin. This is a picture of me and my friend Donyale meeting some nice people who came to visit us at the barn.
I get to see Donyale at pit bull class almost every week. She teaches beginner dogs who don’t know all the good stuff I know. If Donyale doesn’t say hi to me right away I jump up and down (without pulling on the leash, of course) and call out “BaaaRRRRROOOOOOOOO” which of course means “Hey, you forgot something”. Then she comes over and I get to kiss her and roll around on my back.
This weekend I helped her exercise by being a 41 pound weight for her to lift up in the air. Donyale is a fire fighter and needs to stay in shape, so it was fun and helpful.
My friend Donyale and a lot of my human friends say they would love to keep me as their forever girl, but that they already have dogs and they wouldn't be able to pay enough attention to me. I know that the perfect people with just the right amount of love for me are out there looking for me. I just wish they would hurry up and find me!



  1. She is SO sweet and adorable. I can hardly stand how cute those pictures are :).

  2. I love how you are always smiling :)

  3. Winnie, I love your butt and your eyes and I LOVE YOU!

  4. I was going to say the same thing...you're smiling in every photo!

  5. Winnie
    I love you too! And I hope your forever family finds you soon! Love that smile!

  6. I love your funny ears and little (big) butt! And you're probably (definitely) the cutest barbell I ever saw.

  7. Aimee Chagnon, MDMay 7, 2011 at 12:18 PM

    Oh you sweet girl---a lot of us have disproportionately large butts and funny shaped ears. You are adorable. Sending you lots of love.