Friday, May 27, 2011

I Had a Date With a Celebrity!!!

OMG! I am so excited! I met a very famous pit bull!

I know that Uba is kind of famous, like an actor who always plays supporting roles or one of the less interesting members of a boy band. Somehow I forgot that he had very famous and popular friends, so I couldn't believe my eyes when JONNY JUSTICE came to visit!
I got all giggly and squeal-ly when I saw such a huge celebrity calmly walk in the front door. This dog has been on the cover of Parade Magazine, he's been on TV and he's had his story written in a book!!! Next thing you know, we were all out in the back yard and I couldn't stop myself from flirting with him.
At first he was kind of aloof, but I am a persistent girl and I can convince almost any dog to play with me. I understand it must be hard being so famous, so I gave him a big kiss and a lot of play bows.
After a while he warmed up and we chased each other around in circles.
I made sure to pose for the camera so I could have some pictures of me with my famous friend. He is a very nice and humble guy considering he is so important.
I hope he liked me, even though I was kind of star struck. The foster lady and his Mister said we made quite a couple because we look a lot alike.


Saturday, May 21, 2011


As you know, I often worry about how to say thank you to all the nice people for saving my life. I know I can never say it enough times, but I think that saying thank you every time I get the chance is a good plan. I had an opportunity to say thank you to Mr. Tim just the other day. Robin helped. This is what it looked like, and I found a song that says exactly what I was thinking.

Thank You TIm from Letti de Little on Vimeo.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thank you to Tracey, Panda and Moose!

Today after pit ed class I went to the BAD RAP rescue barn to visit my friends. While we were there Ms. Donna gave the foster lady a special box to take home that was just for me. I was really excited to see what was inside.
When we got home and opened it up I found the best stuff! First there was a card to me. This is what it said:
Dear Winnie :)
I saw on your blog the very disappointing news. When we people get
sad news we sometimes find comfort not only with our friends &
family, but with ice cream & chocolate! I can't send you ice cream
because it would be messy & chocolate isn't good for you. But,
cookies & pudding are equally good! So here are some cookies for you
& some to share if you want with your foster brother & friends.
(and a squeaky toy found its way in the box too)!
The best is yet to come!!
Tracey, Panda & Moose

Then I found the best little friend in the box! He is a very cute squirrel
and I like him a lot.
I shared the cookies with Lulu and let Uba play with the squirrel. Here's
a picture of me and Lulu sitting so we could try the cookies and
Uba playing with the squirrel. The cookies are delicious!
The foster lady said we can have the pudding tomorrow, because
its almost dinner time.
Thank you very much Tracey, Panda and Moose. It was nice to be able
to share nice things with my foster brother and sister, because they
share their home with me.
You made me feel very special.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going Shopping

Like any true southern belle, I love going shopping. Usually the foster lady takes me shopping at the store with all the dog stuff, and we pick out indestructible toys, bully sticks, treats and the smelly sand for the cats' bathroom. Going to that store is really great because I get to say hi to other dogs, everyone talks about how pretty I am and the people give me delicious treats.

This weekend we went to a completely different store. It was really fun because it was full of all kinds of amazing things, like flowers, pipes, big rolls of stuff, and a whole bunch of kitchens.
The floor of the store was all shiny, which usually worries me. I was so excited about wagging my tail and showing all the people that I'm a good girl that I didn't even notice the floor.
I helped the foster lady get some things to fix the sprinkler system after Uba made a big fountain. Hmmm...which way to the irrigation aisle?
Then I helped her pick out some new plants for the back yard. We picked out a hibiscus with yellow flowers and a lemon tree.
Shopping at this big store was so much fun. I hope I get to go back there again some time. I gave the camera a kiss so everyone can see how happy I was.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Just Playing Around

It has been really nice outside recently which is great because that means we all get to spend more time outside. In the evenings after our walk we play in the back yard until it gets dark and its time for dinner. There are a whole lot of games to play in the back yard. Sometimes we play with the flirt pole. Other times I play with my purple ball while Uba works out in his gym and Lulu sits in the sunny spot.
Some days Uba and I play tug,
or we play fetch with tennis balls,
or we run around really fast playing tag.
Whatever we do, I really enjoy our time outside.