Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Going Shopping

Like any true southern belle, I love going shopping. Usually the foster lady takes me shopping at the store with all the dog stuff, and we pick out indestructible toys, bully sticks, treats and the smelly sand for the cats' bathroom. Going to that store is really great because I get to say hi to other dogs, everyone talks about how pretty I am and the people give me delicious treats.

This weekend we went to a completely different store. It was really fun because it was full of all kinds of amazing things, like flowers, pipes, big rolls of stuff, and a whole bunch of kitchens.
The floor of the store was all shiny, which usually worries me. I was so excited about wagging my tail and showing all the people that I'm a good girl that I didn't even notice the floor.
I helped the foster lady get some things to fix the sprinkler system after Uba made a big fountain. Hmmm...which way to the irrigation aisle?
Then I helped her pick out some new plants for the back yard. We picked out a hibiscus with yellow flowers and a lemon tree.
Shopping at this big store was so much fun. I hope I get to go back there again some time. I gave the camera a kiss so everyone can see how happy I was.


  1. Winnie, our pups love home depot! they are very helpful but sometimes they get bored when their mister takes too long picking out the exact right type of fencing to keep them out of the garden...

  2. Wow! I live on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and I don't think dogs are allowed in the Home Depot stores here. I would love to take my babies shopping with me. They can only go to Petsmart and the feed store.

  3. I'm in Virginia and I've tried taking my dogs to HD, since they're not service dogs, they couldn't go in. You're luckly that HD lets you in!

  4. We're in Chicago, and we just heard that Home Depot let dogs in. I haven't seen any pooches, but I bet you were a big hit! Strangely enough, we keep seeing dogs in the West Elm store. Now that really confuses me.

  5. You are the cutest ever! I admire you from NYC. Just so that you know you have another fan. (:


  6. Little known fact: HD can be used as an agility course. I took my pups a few weeks ago and we were just milling about outside in the area where they have plants sitting in the parking lot. There were several potted trees that had fallen over and lots of pallets and strange obstacles that the dogs loved jumping over and crawling under. No blue tunnels, though...