Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I LOVE The People!

I have talked a whole lot about my dog friends, so I thought today would be a good time to tell you about one of my special human friends. I really love everyone I have ever met since Mr. Tim saved my life. People are so great! They are willing to go out of their way to save the life of a little dog like me, with funny ears and a slightly disproportionately large butt. Its just incredible and I sometimes get a little worried because I don't know how I will ever be able to thank all these wonderful people for my life.
One of my favorite human friends is Donyale. I first met her when I had just arrived in California and was living at the rescue barn with Chunk and Robin. This is a picture of me and my friend Donyale meeting some nice people who came to visit us at the barn.
I get to see Donyale at pit bull class almost every week. She teaches beginner dogs who don’t know all the good stuff I know. If Donyale doesn’t say hi to me right away I jump up and down (without pulling on the leash, of course) and call out “BaaaRRRRROOOOOOOOO” which of course means “Hey, you forgot something”. Then she comes over and I get to kiss her and roll around on my back.
This weekend I helped her exercise by being a 41 pound weight for her to lift up in the air. Donyale is a fire fighter and needs to stay in shape, so it was fun and helpful.
My friend Donyale and a lot of my human friends say they would love to keep me as their forever girl, but that they already have dogs and they wouldn't be able to pay enough attention to me. I know that the perfect people with just the right amount of love for me are out there looking for me. I just wish they would hurry up and find me!


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Friend Sydney

Recently, Sydney came to stay with us while her mom was on vacation. Sydney is Dexter's foster sister and a good friend of Lulu and Uba. My foster lady and Dexter's foster lady have an arrangement where Sydney stays here sometimes and Lulu stays with Sydney sometimes. I don't know why they would ever want to be away from us, but apparently the foster ladies go away "on business" or "on vacation" sometimes and we all go and have sleep overs with friends. Anyway, Sydney and I had a lot of fun together while she was here.
Sydney is bigger than Lulu and bigger than Bouncer. She is not bigger than Elliot, though (I think Elliot is probably the biggest dog in the whole world). She is really nice to play with and I didn't have to tell her things, like I need to tell Bouncer things.
When we weren't playing we went for walks and sniffed things together.
We even took naps together.
Sydney was a young mother like me, so we compared notes about having puppies, and about surviving on our own with no people to take care of us. We agreed that we are both really happy that we don't have to have puppies ever again and that we have nice people to take care of us forever.
Sydney said that my forever people are definitely out there looking for me, and they will find me soon, just like her mom found her and all her foster brothers and sisters' people have found them. I'm sure she's right.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Bouncer Makes It Better

One day, after I was rejected, the foster lady decided to do something called "play hooky". In the morning when she would normally put on the clothes that that hang up in the tiny room next to Lulu's bed and the loud shoes with the clompy heels, she put on her jeans and her going for walks shoes. Then she put my collar and leash on me and said we were going to go and see a friend. I watched out of the car window to see where we were going because it sounded pretty exciting. Soon we were at the rescue barn and I was saying hello to Bouncer and Arnie! It was much more fun than napping in my crate. I played with Bouncer, Arnie and Elliot and I had a whole lot of fun and forgot all about being sad.

Here is a video of Bouncer doing what I tell him.

Winnie's Bouncer from Letti de Little on Vimeo.

No one can stay sad when they have Bouncer to play with. He is a really funny guy, like a comedian or something. I felt all better and back to my happy self after playing hooky with the foster lady.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

I'm So Sad

I'm still an orphan. The people who said they wanted to be my forever people decided they don't want me after all. I thought they really loved me, I was starting to love them, and I already loved Angus. Now I don't have a forever family and Angus and I don't get to be brother and sister. I really don't understand why this happened.
The foster lady says I didn't do anything wrong, but I can't help feeling that I must have done something to make them change their minds. Is it because my ears are a little funny, or because I thought the stairs at their house were scary? The stairs had big gaps in them and I could see all the way through to the other side so I wasn't sure how to go up and down them. I don't think normal stairs are scary so I know I could have learned to be brave about the stairs.
The foster lady, Mr. Tim and Ms. Donna say I'm a really good girl and I did everything right when I met the people, Angus and their cat. They say that my real forever family will be extra extra special and extra extra lucky, but if this wasn't my forever family, who will want me? I thought we all got along really well, but I still wasn't good enough. I'm very thankful that I have my foster family and my BAD RAP people who still love me, but I feel rejected and sad.

Lulu has been very nice to me. She said I am a very nice dog and not to worry because I can stay here and be her little foster sister for as long as it takes. She says my forever family will come and find me when the time is right and then my life will be great forever. I hope she's right, but right now I just don't understand humans at all.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

I had a Great Day!

Today was really great. It started off like any other Sunday. I had to wake everyone up because the sun was shining outside and then we had breakfast. Then we went to pit ed and the best thing ever happened. My new mister was there waiting for me! My new family went away this weekend and so I thought class would be normal class with the foster lady. Instead, my new mister came back early especially to see me and so I could show him what a good girl I am in class. How lucky am I to have a new mister like that?
The foster lady didn't have her camera, so there aren't any pictures of how happy me and my new mister were to see each other. I can tell you I was real happy, though. I am going to have another visit at my new family's house this week, and the foster lady says maybe I will be able to go to my forever home next weekend! Wow. I can hardly believe how lucky I am.

This afternoon it was really nice in the back yard, so the foster lady got the flirt pole out and Uba and I got to play the flirt pole game to celebrate my last weekend with my foster family . I made a movie about it. I hope you like it.