Wednesday, April 20, 2011

My Friend Sydney

Recently, Sydney came to stay with us while her mom was on vacation. Sydney is Dexter's foster sister and a good friend of Lulu and Uba. My foster lady and Dexter's foster lady have an arrangement where Sydney stays here sometimes and Lulu stays with Sydney sometimes. I don't know why they would ever want to be away from us, but apparently the foster ladies go away "on business" or "on vacation" sometimes and we all go and have sleep overs with friends. Anyway, Sydney and I had a lot of fun together while she was here.
Sydney is bigger than Lulu and bigger than Bouncer. She is not bigger than Elliot, though (I think Elliot is probably the biggest dog in the whole world). She is really nice to play with and I didn't have to tell her things, like I need to tell Bouncer things.
When we weren't playing we went for walks and sniffed things together.
We even took naps together.
Sydney was a young mother like me, so we compared notes about having puppies, and about surviving on our own with no people to take care of us. We agreed that we are both really happy that we don't have to have puppies ever again and that we have nice people to take care of us forever.
Sydney said that my forever people are definitely out there looking for me, and they will find me soon, just like her mom found her and all her foster brothers and sisters' people have found them. I'm sure she's right.



  1. Hi Winnie! What wonderful pictures. Your friend Sydney is right, your forever people are out there. Meanwhile, what a nice life you have! Right? xo

  2. It's good for gals to get together and chat about childbirth and how men are pigs and do makeovers on each other. I'm glad you have Sydney (and Lulu) for those sorts of things. Maybe you should start a book club together now?