Tuesday, March 29, 2011

My Letter to the Foster Auntie

Dear Foster Auntie:
I found your ear-thing! I hope you are proud of me. The foster lady told me that you lost your ear-thing at our house, so I helped her look for it. I know my nose works, so I sniffed and sniffed on your bed, even after she put clean sheets and blankets on it.

Then I sniffed underneath the bed and guess what? I found your ear-thing under the bed! I showed the foster lady and she was very happy with me and said thank you!

Next I helped the foster lady pick out a card with an envelope to put your ear-thing inside and send it to you. I picked out this card, because it reminds me of when we drove up the hill and looked down at San Francisco.

Today we put your ear-thing in the envelope with the card and I walked with the foster lady to the mail box and helped her mail it to you.

I hope you think I’m a good girl! I missed you a lot when you first went back to your house with your dogs, but then I went on vacation, and now we have a special guest staying with us, so I feel better.

I love you Foster Auntie,



  1. What a wonderful girl you are, Winnie! This is such a cute story, it gives me a huge grin after a long day at work. Thank you for sharing!

  2. This is great! Good job Winnie!!

  3. Oh Win Win-
    Thank you SOOO much! I can't wait to get my ear thing back. You are such a sweet and thoughtful little girl, and I miss you lots and lots! I even showed your picture to your foster cousins, and if we had more room I'd insist you come and live with us. I hope you find your forever family really soon, because you are the best little girl in the whole world.
    Your Foster Auntie

  4. Congratulations on getting a new family, Winnie! They probably picked you on accounta you're so thoughtful with stuff like lost ear things.

  5. Winnie darling, I can not even be-LEAF that you did not eated that ear thing as soon as you found it. I totally would of.