Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I Relax

I have written a whole lot about all the fun I have, but I am not all action all the time. I do know how to enjoy a good nap and how to relax and enjoy the warm sun.
Here I am in my favorite spot on the couch in the sun. When I'm not having fun, this is the best place to find me.
Its hard work playing all day, and a girl needs her beauty rest. I hope my forever people have a nice couch in the sun for me to rest on.



  1. Winnie you are the cutest. Your furever home is going to be so lucky when they find you :) But you are lucky to have such a nice foster mom.

  2. You do look quite relaxed. And I love how your ears poke out in either direction.

  3. Winnie: you and Pyper need a play date. I think you two would be fast friends

  4. You look so comfortable! I bet that warm sun feels good!

  5. Sometimes I wish I could trade places with my dog for one day to feel as comfortable as he looks when he's on the couch. It's just not fair!

  6. LOVE her! Our Winnie loves to lay in the sun and warm up- she finds herself a little sun patch and lays for hours :)