Monday, March 7, 2011

The Very Weird Dog

While the foster auntie was here we went to nose work class in a new place. I was very good at my nose work, of course, and had no problem finding the very well hidden treats.
Then I met this weird dog. I thought he was pretty cute, but he didn't want a treat when I got one.
He didn't play with me when I play bowed and did my best flirting. Everyone loves me and no dog can resist my special flirty dance.
He also smelled a bit strange. He was a very weird dog.
I wonder why he ignored me.



  1. anybody that would ignore your flirty dance has GOT to be one weird dog, Winnie. ilu, Mary

  2. o good lord winnie!

    let's hope you passed the dog/dog test with the strange dog.

  3. OMG Winnie, this happened to me the udder day, too! Mummy took us to skool and there was this weerd dog that dint move or anytheen. I runned up to her and did my bestest play-bow, but she dint even care! It kinda hurted my feelers so I went and played wiff my sissy insted. 'Sides, that goggie smeld like a stuffee toy and not a goggie at all!

  4. Winnie,
    Would you please kindly ask your foster lady some questions for me. I've just started to foster a stray pit bull. How did your foster lady introduce your cat friends to you from the beginning? Also, I have two cats and two bull dogs, too, and foster one. How can I keep my house as clean and pretty as your foster lady's? Thank you so much for your help. From a freshmen foster parent.

  5. Cute pictures!
    Then again Winnie looks a lot like my Libby.

    We have come across a few "fake dogs" and it really confuses some dogs. There is a large metal dog statue in San Mateo Central Park that looks like a Golden Retriever that could be 12 pounds or so. In the first meeting Libby walked up to it and sniffed it and was confused by it which can result in barking or more towards the strange dog. Then we had a rocking horse in the street that someone got rid of. Since it looked so fascinating Libby had to go over and check it out. Libby sniffed it all over and since it looked like a dog but didn't smell like a dog she barked at it a couple times to get it to react. Sometimes confusion like that can result in an all out attack on the odd dog as the real dog is blown away by the disconnect between the look of the fake dog but the lack of smell.

    Libby's story by the way is that she was found in San Lorenzo California and taken to the Hayward Animal Control facility. She was estimated to be a year or so at the time and she is 8 1/2 now and doing great. She has a bunch of doggie friends and sees them often. When not having a good time with her friends she is my armrest on the couch cuddled up under a pile of blankets.