Sunday, January 23, 2011

A Real Nice Weekend

The weather here in California was beautiful this weekend. We got to spend a whole lot of time outside.
On Saturday Uba and I went for a walk, saw our friend Belinda, and sniffed interesting things. Then I went to pit bull class and I was a very good girl!
Later we played in the back yard and napped in the sun.

On Sunday Lulu and I went for a nice walk at a park with lots of ground squirrels. They look like normal squirrels but they live in holes in the ground, and they run around and make fun of dogs on leash. If she would just drop the leashes, I know we would be able to catch a few!
We finished up the day playing in the back yard.
It was a lovely weekend. I hope the weather was nice where you are and y'all had a good weekend too.



  1. love the last picture. Winnie has the best smile.

  2. What is it about hoomans that they don't understand the call of the wild and chasing squirrels?

  3. Love that flapping jowl action shot at the end!

  4. Adorable! If I were looking to adopt I would be beating down the door at bad rap to meet this young lady. She reminds me of my dog in her younger days. I love the ears.