Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Spa Day

This evening, after Uba, Lulu and I got all muddy playing in the back yard, the foster lady said it was time for us all to have baths. Uba and Lulu went first, and I went last. I was very relieved to see that neither of them melted when they got wet, but I was still a bit worried when it was my turn.
Once I was in the tub I found out it was actually pretty nice. She sprayed warm water all over me and told me I was a good girl. Next, she put nice smelling soap on me and I got a massage. I felt all warm and relaxed and she kept telling me I was a very good girl. Then she rinsed all the soap off with the lovely warm water and she rubbed me all over with a nice clean towel. I didn't even really want to get out of the bath tub after all the special care I was getting.
Now my white parts are extra white and my red parts are extra shiny and I smell like lavender and mint. I think I might actually like baths.

I guess I am truly a southern belle who loves to be pampered. Maybe next time I can get my nails painted or a bow in my hair.



  1. My hair always gets frizzy and unmanageable after a bath. Can you recommend a good detangling shampoo? Also, since you have red parts maybe you can suggest one of those hair care lines that caters to redheads? I want to keep my auburn locks luxuriant.

  2. Winnie! Congratulations on your first bath too! I got one last night because the lady said I smelled "sour," but I didn't like it as much as you. There's nothing to eat in the bath except the stinky tea-tree oil shampoo, and it tastes like crayons. I think I smell more sour now than I did before but at least I'm not sticking to the couch anymore. I do think I might like a little bow or two--would you invite me over for that?