Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Its Not So Bad After All

I used to really really hate my time in the crate. When the foster lady used to say "Winnie, lets go in your house!" I would run away and then I would make myself real heavy when she picked me up to take me to the lonely and sad crate.
See how sad I was in the crate? It was lonely and sometimes Lulu and Uba would go into the other room where I couldn't see them and I would be all by myself, stuck in the crate.

Now, at the new house, I like my crate much better. I can see almost every room from my crate. In the morning, after breakfast, I like to go into my crate and curl up to get just a little bit more beauty sleep.
This morning, when she said it was time to go in my house so she could go to work, I just ran right in and forgot all about running away and making myself heavy. She was very proud of me and gave me an extra treat.

Its not so bad after all.


  1. I don't mind my crate at all. I have learned it's a good place and get good stuffs and sleep when I am in there.
    Nothing bad at all :)