Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Settlin' In

The foster lady smiled at me today and said that she is happy that I am relaxing.
When I first came here to live in the house in the city I was so amazed by everything that I just could never stop movin' and waggin' my tail. All the pictures the foster lady took of me were a lil' blurry because I was just so excited. The foster lady wanted me to post some new pictures so you can see me in focus. Its kinda embarrassin', but I'll do what she asks, because she gives me treats and rubs my belly.
I hope y'all think I'm pretty like the foster lady says I am.



  1. You are absolutely beautiful Winnie, and I'll bet you give super sweet kisses too. I'm glad you have been able to calm down a little. Relaxation and zen are just as important as zoomies.

  2. You are a sweet-looking girl Winnie and you are just as pretty as the foster lady says.

  3. Oh Winnie,
    You are very pretty! I'm glad you're relaxing, and finding out about belly rubs and treats. That's the way to live!

  4. I am so glad you made it out of the hell you were in, beautiful girl. You are beautiful on the inside, too! Some lucky person will get to give you a forever home!

  5. Winnie, you definitely are beautiful! Enjoy those belly rubs!


  6. You look so beautiful in your poses. And the blurry pictures probably did a good job of showing your personality and love of life.

  7. You are too pretty! I can't find the words :)