Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I'm Helpful

Sorry I haven't blogged in a while. Did you miss me? I've been real busy being helpful by entertaining my foster brother Uba and just haven't had a minute to write.

My foster lady has been really busy putting stuff in boxes so we could move to a new house, so she asked me to play with Uba a lot. I have worked really hard keeping Uba entertained and the foster lady said I did a good job and was very helpful.
Sometimes I even helped Lulu with her job, which is making sure all the beds at the new house work properly. Lulu's job is a lot more relaxing than my job.
One day, nice people came and took all the boxes to the new house and we got in the car and followed. Now the foster lady has taken the stuff out of the boxes and she says I have to go back to my real job of getting ready for my forever people. My real job is pretty hard.
I don't understand this "down" thing that Uba is doing in this picture. I'm short enough already. Why would I want to get even further away from the treats? Can't I just play with Uba instead?


  1. Hi Winnie,

    I'm really glad to hear that you could help your foster mom get ready to move. From the pictures, it looks like you did a great job keeping Uba entertained and that you and Lulu made sure the beds worked right in the new house!


  2. Hi Winnie - thanks for posting an update during this busy time. You are so very cute and I'm sure you are a good helper. Keep testing those beds for your Mommy.

  3. welcome to the new house, Winnie and friends. we hope you're helping Nice Lady deal with all those boxes. maybe she's letting you chew them up so she doesn't have to cart them off?