Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I Might Melt

Its been raining here in San Francisco. My foster sister Lulu told me that because pit bulls are made out of sugar there is a possibility we could melt in the rain. Yikes! I do not want to go out in the rain any more! I spent quite a bit of time in the rain in Florida, so I must have just been real lucky. Because of the danger posed by the rain, Lulu and I have been playing inside a lot. Here is a video of us playing.

Lulu is a really good teacher and friend. I am one lucky little dog these days!



  1. Our dogs have also learned that they will melt in the rain. It is lucky to have such a great mentor; you look so happy!

  2. That is a cute play style!
    When I first saw Winnie, I thought she should be in the Lulu and Uba home: they always take in the sweet, little, and sassy ones!