Saturday, December 4, 2010

My First Pit-Ed Class

Today I woke up early because it was my first pit-ed class. I was real excited, but things started to go all wrong right away. I had to ride in the car! In a crate! I was not happy about this arrangement, so I put my toes through the sides of the crate and held on as tightly as I could. And I cried. A lot.

Eventually, after a LOT of bumping, going around corners, noise and unhappiness, we got to class. A whole lot of my friends were there and I was so happy to see them that I forgot all about the horrible car ride. Then class started. Class means I have to sit and look at the foster lady and walk nicely next to her. I had to concentrate real hard and sometimes I got confused which made me a little worried. Everyone said I did a really good job, so I must have done the right things and they must not have noticed when I was all mixed up.

Here's a picture of me practicing sit and look at home. It was harder to do with lots of other dogs and people around.
After class foster lady said "Winnie, if I buy you a seat belt and let you sit in the front, will you be quiet and calm?" I wagged my tail, so she knew that I promised to do my very best. She went into a real interesting looking place and came out with a harness to keep me safe in the front seat. I felt so much better in the harness in the front. Now I could see what was outside and keep an eye on the foster lady to make sure she was driving properly. I kept my promise and didn't cry any more.
When we got home I was super tired, so I went into my crate and took a long nap. She bothered me with the flashy camera, but I fell right back asleep, so it was OK.
(I'm not the one who adjusted the crate and made it all wavy, it was like that when I moved in, I promise).

Next week I'll go to pit-ed class again and I hope I won't get so mixed up. I wonder if I will be this sleepy after every class?

good night,


  1. Hooray! Great job, keep up the good work, Winnie!

  2. Winnie,

    I'm glad you got to see your friends on Saturday. Don't worry about getting mixed up during class, you'll have it down in no time! I'm glad to hear you kept your promise about not crying once you got your special seat belt and got to sit in the front seat!! Have fun.


  3. You're a good worker,Winnie! I'm glad your foster Mom got you a nice harness to ride in the front seat. You look very happy in it. You know, when I come home from school, I always have to take a nap too. (and I'll bet I'm a lot older than you.)

  4. Good luck with your future classes!! I finished mine and they can be confusing but pay off in the end when you make your hoomans happy :)