Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Foster Auntie

This weekend my foster lady's sister is here visiting. I didn't know I had a foster auntie before, but now I do, I am real happy about it.
I get to snuggle with her on her bed at night and I am a really good girl. I curl up into a real small ball and fall right asleep for the whole night. Then, in the morning, when its time to look out of the front window, she lets me sit on her lap so I can get a better view.
Having another person around to kiss and to get belly rubs from has been really great.
I wonder if my forever family will come with an auntie who'll let me fall asleep next to her, give me belly rubs and be my booster seat. I sure hope so!


1 comment:

  1. Ohhhh, Winnie, Auntie would make SUCH a good MOMMY, but sometimes Auntie's are just really great Auntie's.

    Love that you had Auntie time, it's really special.